Selftitled EP

by Sundowning

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released October 9, 2009



all rights reserved


Sundowning Essen, Germany

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Track Name: Ghosts
heaven shows me how foreign I am / and every single thought takes me further away / these small walled cells are chasing my heart-shaped core / with triviality and heartless love / I'm not your fucking ghost who's starving for hope / these skies are paved with clouds but I'll stay gold / living men walk alone / dead men on the ground / alone / reflections show them how miserable they are / I'm not afraid of drowning or man-made scars / if they keep the inferno of bright shining suns / and all the fearless hopes of a new day's dawn / why should I love a world where I don't fit in / crushed down by the weight of the world / I am the fucking slave of the great human race / we're all going down, I'm not able to drop out / this is hell and we're all going down
Track Name: Disbelief
I cannot carry the weight of tonight / true survivors fall and false idols rise / swaying myself between the lines / I'm losing control / fuck / this breach of ethics must be wrong / I'll etch my principles into stone / I'm losing control.
Track Name: Salvations
I loved you more than unquestioning lovers ever do / I held our forever as high as the greatest statues / and you've crushed it into a thousand of pieces / as ruthless as affected love and its sinners / no hope in your salvation / no faith in you anymore / death has torn us apart