Of Aging Stones And Rotting Leaves

by Sundowning

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released April 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Sundowning Essen, Germany

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Track Name: A Beast's Furnace
who justifies the seven living sins?
not a dead god’s wrath or a sacred lamb
we march towards the unextinguished fire
a beast’s furnace built upon gaia’s limbs
and blackened clouds ascend towards the desperately howling winds
while sorrow drinks our empoisoned blood
and fills with dust our aching lungs
we are the living sins, the evil grains in dried-up soils
withdrawing any appearance of life and nature’s ancient rites
feel the rattling chains of skulls enslaving in the silver starlight
and scatter my bones across the vastness in eternal valleys
it is obligatory to carry the burden you’ve sown into the grave you’ve dug
and soon I will experience my cleansing among the oaken woods
between aging stones and rotting leaves
where I have lost my dignity
earth fades away, it is my sole responsibility
earth falls down
Track Name: Crown Of Thorns
pull the knife into my chest to dispossess me of nature’s belongings
drain the cup of blood to the dregs and drip it into the dry streambed
and my sins will be forgiven,
my selfish heart will fall and merge with the roots of forest’s trees
how long are we able to consume without giving?
how long are we able to bear the ruination of our sole home?
tear my limbs up and bury them in the rainless soil
my flesh is nourishing thousands of sprinkling flowers
and my sins will be forgiven,
my selfless heart will fall and merge with the roots of forest’s trees
my sacrificing crown of thorns is sinking into soil and I am serving again